360 Degree believes that the youth of today can bring about a positive transformation in our world. The Viewfinders initiative is aimed at handing out the opportunity to do this to the student community, during their formative years. this not only creates a sense of social responsibility in them, but also helps them grow into compassionate and humble adults. having a first hand knowledge of the hardships faced by fellow human beings also help them look at the world in a different shade and appreciate the little things in life. Most importantly, a large population of socially responsible adults can be molded, which is something that the world badly needs, at this juncture

Why Viewfinder ?

360 Degree started off as a photography group. a viewfinder, in a camera, is what the photographer looks through to see the image he is about to click and make adjustments.for us, a viewfinder is one who can help see the society around us in it’sbest possible self and transform it accordingly.

Who is a Viewfinder?

You are a viewfinder if you are passionate about volunteerism & social entrepreneurship. A Viewfinder is confident, compassionate and has a drive to bring about a change in the society through creative solutions. A Viewfinder is one who can work with a team and if needed can lead the team too.


If you feel you should set up a Viewfinders Chapter in your institution, understand how it works.

If you’re ready to start the chapter, why wait!