In trying times such as these, it’s compassion that gets us through.

For our front-line heroes, every other day is as restless as the next. As we watch from behind safe windows, the best we can do is send a kind word with a heartful of warmth their way.


Children put magic in words like no adult ever can. Let your kid draft a letter to our frontline workers with 360 Degree. They can conjure words from the wild- a simple note, two words of love or a draft of gratitude.


We will make sure your bundles of kindness are posted without a crease to our heroes. Know that they will hold it close as they fight.

Fill out the form below with your details. It’s crayons, pencils and sheets of paper against a pandemic.

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As you pen your gracious letter, make sure to bear these in mind:


1. Mention who you are addressing the letter to. It can be any good heart under the sun. A healthcare worker ( doctor/nurse), essential services providers ( police ) or even volunteers.
**Address it commonly to any one of the above mentioned frontline groups of your choice

2. You can include anything that your heart desires. Be as expressive and creative as you can be. It can be a drawing, a sketch, a little note, a poem or even your personal experience. Let our heroes know the difference they make.


3. Gratitude knows no language. You can pen it in any language that you think is good enough to express your love.


4. Don’t forget to mention your name and where you’re from. Kindness needs a name. Once you’re done scan your letter and upload it as a pdf onto the link in the form.


5. Your letter is now ready to be posted. It will soon be on its way to your hero’s heart.



Please feel free to reach out to us if you require any assistance with the upload or have any queries

[email protected]

[email protected]

This is a collaborative project with Volunteer for India.