A major problem that existed in the pre-pandemic era in public education in Kerala was that of students being unable to cope with the academic expectations of the grades they were in. What this means is that, often, students in Grade 10 that are required to read long passages and answer the questions that follow,struggle to form grammatically correct sentences in English. Year 10 students required to calculate the volume of a 3-dimensional object in their Maths classes are unable to do simple long division, or don’t know their multiplication tables. This is an unfortunate reality for a large majority of students enrolled in public education in Kerala, and is particularly true of students from socio-economically marginalised communities as they often lack the resources and support to bridge this knowledge gap.


In addition to accessibility and technical concerns surrounding e-learning, this knowledge gap has been exacerbated by the shift to online platforms. A lack of motivation and initiative, coupled with the restricted ability of teachers to now monitor this gap leaves such student groups at a heightened disadvantage.

At Project Pragati we aim to reduce this growing knowledge gap by creating customised educational packages for schools to deliver to their students. This would involve creating innovative, unconventional and engaging video content that simplifies course content and sustains student interest and creates an enthusiastic and energetic online learning environment. By liaising with schools, we hope to deliver content tailor-made for the specific needs of their student community, thereby ensuring that our efforts have significant Impact.


E-learning is a great opportunity for students to expand their horizons as it has made vast resources available to them in just a single click. However, it requires a significant amount of motivation and initiative on the part of students. Those students who were unable to cope with their academics prior to the pandemic are likely to be lacking in both these qualities,and therefore require additional help that we at Project Pragati hope to be able to provide to them.


We’re looking for enthusiastic and driven individuals passionate about this cause, fluency in Malayalam is a must.


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