"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
-John Quincy Adams


Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example. If you are ready to lead by example and let your actions do all the speaking, 360 Degree invites you to join our Leadership Team.


Coordinators help manage the day to day activities of 360 Degree chapters in various cities where we function. They are the points of contact between the management team and the chapters. Coordinators are assigned with specific roles pertaining to individual chapters.


Coordinators are assigned responsibilities after assessment of their skill sets. They must be good team players and must be able to communicate well with a team. Being a coordinator gives you the opportunity to enhance your team and project management skills. 


Coordinator positions are volunteering positions and 360 Degree does not offer any remuneration for the same.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back to the society, apply to be a coordinator today!

Management Team

Being a part of the Management team gives you an opportunity to work with the top leadership of 360 Degree and learn from them. You will be assigned a management position after assessment of the skill sets you possess. Working with 360 Degree will provide you with the perfect platform to polish your skills and get a better understanding of working with a team.
Management positions are open to final year college students and fresh graduates who are looking for an opportunity to put their skills to test while giving back to the society. Applicants are expected to work with 360 Degree for a minimum of 6 months. Management Team positions are volunteering positions and 360 Degree does not offer any stipend for the same.
If you are looking to gain first hand work experience while utilising your skills to bring about a positive change in the world around you, apply today!

Setting up Chapters

If you are in a city where 360 Degree does not have a chapter, and wants to bring about a positive transformation through active volunteerism there, you can request to set up a chapter in your city. To set up a chapter, you must first register yourself as a Chapter Coordinator. Our team will assess your capabilities to build and lead a team, while upholding the ideals and vision of 360 Degree. The process of creating a new chapter will be initiated once you clear this step.

A Chapter Coordinator is expected to work with the 360 Degree Management Team for a minimum of one year. Through this period, the coordinator will be trained on how to effectively build a team, create projects, communicate clearly with a team, and how to effectively put their respective skills to best use.

If you are ready to lead the change, sign up as a Chapter Coordinator today!