An internship at 360 Degree offers you a platform to explore the world of Social Entrepreneurship and Non Profit Organizations from the perspective of the leadership and management team. The structured internship programs are designed specifically to impart to the interns essential skills like project management, leadership, and public speaking skills among others. The internship can also be used as a platform by the interns to build real world connections with industry leaders in various fields, which would benefit their careers at a later stage.
Ultimately, the internship program is designed to pass on to the interns, a sense of social responsibility that they will carry forward and act on for the rest of their lives.

Project Based Interships

Project based internships are open to college students who wish to work on any project that is being organised by 360 Degree. The duration of the internship would depend on the duration of the campaign. However every intern is expected to work with us for a minimum of 20 days to be eligible for an internship certificate.
Project based internships offer an opportunity to the interns to explore the functioning of NGOs and the processes involved in the organisation of any campaign. Essential skills that could be acquired include project management, team building, leadership and communication skills, drafting of project proposals, etc. This is apart from the deep knowledge that the intern will gain about the subject matter of the campaign that they are part of.


Curriculum based Internship

Curriculum based internships are for college students who are expected to do internships with non profit organizations as a part of their course. Structured internships are offered to students pursuing degrees in social work, media and communication, journalism, design, law, IT, etc. Interns are expected to complete a minimum of 20 days of internship to be eligible for an internship certificate.
Curriculum based internships provide interns with an exciting opportunity to give back to the society while gaining invaluable experience working in their area of interest. This is apart from essential skills like leadership and communication skills, team building, etc. that they would acquire during the course of the internship.

Summer Internship Program (SIP) will be open during the months of April to July, every year. SIP is open to students of age groups 16-24. The applicants will be assigned tasks depending on their skills and potential. At the same time, essential skills like team management and public speaking skills will be imparted to interns through the structured program.
Interns are expected to work for a minimum of 2 months to be eligible for a SIP certificate. The SIP program is primarily focused on transforming our interns into socially responsible individuals who can create positive changes in our society through their actions.

Summer Internship Program (SIP)