360 Degree believe that change is something that can only be brought about by the conjoined effort of many. Hence, we are always open to building partnerships where the common objective is to give back to the society and bring about positive social transformation. Corporate Partnerships are an effective way in which this can be achieved.

Adopt a

We invite organisations to be a part of our efforts to give back to the society by adopting a project run by 360 Degree. While adopting a project, you can choose to support an entire project or just a part of it, based on its area of focus – like education, environment, women empowerment, etc. Our work covers seven core causes and several cities across India and this provides you the flexibility to pick what is important to you. While the 360 Degree team is responsible for monitoring and executing the project, we encourage the partnering organization to be an active part of the entire process, starting from the planning of the project to it’s execution.


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If your organization believes in a particular cause and wishes to create a change, 360 Degree can help design a project aimed at creating solutions for the social issue. Our work covers seven core causes. If your project idea is covered under any of the seven causes we focus on, our team can help you build a project. The 360 Degree team will be responsible for execution and monitoring of the project with an active involvement of the partnering organization. This can help enhance your brand.


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Design a Project

Payroll Giving


Payroll giving is the easiest way for any organisation to involve their employees in the process of giving back to the society. The Payroll Giving Program by 360 Degree is the perfect platform for organisations to involve their employees in the causes the organisation believes in. Employees can donate a small amount from their monthly salary towards a project selected by the organisation. Once it is set up, this is an automatic process and is less time consuming. The organization may also choose to provide a matching grant to encourage employees to extend their support.


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